Upcoming event: Katina ceremony - please contact the vihara for further details. 713-944-1334

Continuing Activities

  If it is necessary to perform any special services please make an appointment.

Dhamma School

On Sundays(see the schedule below), Vihara Dhamma School conducts Dhamma classes - Contact Vihara for details

Sessions schedule

    Starts with  Buddha Puja (offerings to the Buddha) from 8:20- 8:50AM

    Dhamma classes & Sinhalese classes (for Sinhalese language learners)
    Classes end at 11:30 AM.

Sessions are planned for the following Sundays - Academic year 2013-2014:

August            25th

            September     8th  & 22nd
            October         13th & 27th
            November     10th & 24th
            December       8th  & 22nd

            January           5th & 19th
            February         2nd & 16th
            March             2nd,  16th  & 30th
            April              27th
            May               11th  & 25th
            June                8th & 22nd

.  Call 713-944-1334 for further information

Dhamma Talks

Vihara holds regular monthly dhamma talks.  Guest speakers give some talks and talks can be either in English or Sinhalese.  For further information please contact the Vihara.

Dhamma Talk Schedule for the year 2013-2014
Pr-scheduled dhamma talks will be held on Saturday evenings.

On the days of the dhamma talks, a Buddha Puja (offerings to the Buddha) will be done.

August        3rd
September  14th
October      19th
November   2nd
December   14th
January      11th
February    22nd
March        22nd (Seela & Meditation and Dhamma Talk)

This section will be updated when monthly schedules are available.

Seela & Meditation Programs

Seela programs - participants observe eight precepts for a predetermined time (usually morning until afternoon).
During this event there will be activities such as dhamma talks, discussions and meditation sessions.

  Call 713-944-1334 for further information

Blessings and Devotional Services

Offerings to the Bodhi Tree -  Bodhi Puja
Schedule for (pr-scheduled offering sessions) 2013-2014
Contact vihara for further details

September   28th
December    28th

New Year - January 1st Blessings Ceremony (contact vihara for details)

  Call 713-944-1334 for further information


Friday Meditation Sessions

On Fridays from 7-8PM  meditation sessions are held.  Instructions will be provided as needed.

Schedule for March 2014:
                    March 7th        7 - 8 PM
                    March 14th      7 - 8 PM
                    March 21st      7 - 8 PM
                    March 28th      7 - 8 PM

This section will be updated when monthly schedules are available.

.  Call 713-944-1334 for further information

Saturday Advanced Sittings (Meditation)

Almost every Saturday a group of advanced meditation practitioners will be holding sitting meditation sessions at the temple from 8 AM - 10 AM.  The group consists mainly of people who had followed Goenka's meditation tradition.  However, note that this is a volunteer group using the Vihara for their sitting practice. It is not meant to be authorized Goenka instructional sessions.

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